In Taxation

ICC Tax Digest | Issue 1 – Aprile 2020
by the Taxation Commission of ICC Italia

Contributions by:
Avv. Sara Armella (Studio Armella & Associati) Avv. Paolo de’ Capitani (Studio Uckmar), Chair of the ICC Italia Taxation Commission Dott. Alberto Pluviano (Satis Res Consulting)

In this number:
• Free ports in border areas: Vat chargeability on purchases and services
• The new excise directive
• Withholding on Employment Income – Cross-Border Issues
• Parent-Subsidiary Directive – ITA-UK Tax Treaty – Principle of neutrality
• Transfer of shares to spouse/descendants and exemption from inheritance and gift taxes – controlling stocks in co-ownership with other donorsIntegrated Logistic Services – B2B – VAT Principle of Territoriality
• Impact analysis of OECD proposed international tax reforms

L’ICC Tax Digest è disponibile per gli Associati ICC Italia. 


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