Collateral damage(s): Sanctions, countersanctions and disputes out of the conflict in Ukraine


The event is organized within the Arbitration and ADR Commission of ICC Italy.


Leaving aside the high, unbearable costs in terms of human lives, and beyond any considerations on the violation of fundamental human rights, the war in Ukraine raises a lot of issues with regard to international trade and commercial relations.
Fabio Cozzi and Iryna Glushchenko will deal with the effects of sanctions and countersanctions with a last-minute update, discussing the diverse perspectives of UE/US and Ukrainian actors and the multi-faceted challenges that companies are meeting.
Which are the potential disputes that could (or already are) arising out of ongoing contracts?
How will the domestic courts evaluate the circumstances generated by the war?
Is arbitration an effective solution for new contracts?

Moderated by

Maria Beatrice Deli | D|R Arbitration & Litigation | Coordinator, ICC Italia Commission on Arbitration and ADR


Fabio Cozzi | Delfino e Associati Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP

Iryna Glushchenko | University Kyiv-Mohyla Academy | University Roma Tre