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ICC Tax Digest | Issue 3 – Settembre 2021
by the Taxation Commission of ICC Italia

Contributions by:
Avv. Stefano Carmini (Carmini Avvocati Associati)
Avv. Paolo de’ Capitani (Studio Uckmar Associazione Professionale, Chair of the ICC Italia Taxation Commission)
Dott. Alberto Pluviano (SatisRes)
Dott. Giuseppe Ritucci (Studio Ritucci)

In this number:
– Italian CFC Rules – Draft of the Italian Tax Agency’s Circular Letter
– Employment Income – Covid-19 Movement Restrictions for Individuals
– Transfer of assets to a trust – not relevant for gift tax purposes
– Transfer of residence and assets to foreign country – Exit Tax and Participation Exemption
– Agreed Two-Pillar Solution to address the tax challenges arising from the digitalisation of the economy
– Pillar 1
– Updates on beneficial owner concept

L’ICC Tax Digest viene inviato agli Associati ICC ed è disponibile per il download al seguente link:
Tax Digest | Issue 3 September 2021
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